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06/06/18 - Odense, Denmark - Dyrskuepladsen

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My video of Shadow Of Your Love!  

"But.. But.. He can't sing anymore", "But.. But.... But.... Adler's singer is better", "We love Myles", "He sucks". Well SHUT YOUR FCKN' mouth.

KOHD is the 7th Inning Stretch of these threads. Take a break Open another tab in the browser See what's going on in the world Go piss Stretch out a bit Refill your drink Catch up on em

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First Shadow in 31 years !! And the "new single" gets it's airing...Well my god, if you book tickets for that first show, you must be pissed !
A little nip and tuck and the Download crowd will love that...
One thing about Axl during NITL tour, he seems happier to try things and I set it up with a "This could be car crash" - some times it is,

but glad he's open. Slither and Shadow in first two shows back! OMG has to come back this leg too please !

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2 minutes ago, koldweather said:

Well I think that performance shut the voice moaners up, jeez;

Actually, I think it was the other way around ;)

Complains make the world go 'round and they might not care about us here in a forum, but they surely read their official Facebook and got the message.

Power to da people!! :headbang:

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8 minutes ago, sl4yer said:

Jak na razie jest ok, sądząc po tym, że dalej jest to początek trasy jestem nastawiony bardzo optymistycznie na Chorzów

To dobrze. Podtrzymuj koleżankę na duchu, bo na tym forum można się czasami załamać 😉

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I really like this "Civil War" version... I mean, rasp and other vocal details will be checked when we'll get a good video, but I liked how he avoided a pause after "as the years go by' in both verses. Sonded amazing. 

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