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Slash Gets Restraining Order Against Scary Man at Super Bowl Party

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Against Scary Man at Super Bowl Party

Slash Gets Restraining Order Against Scary Man at Super Bowl Party


Slash claims a man tried make his way into the guitarist's home during a Super Bowl party by convincing Slash's girlfriend he was a friend ... and Slash is so concerned and scared he's gone to court for a restraining order.

Slash claims when he was turned down by the woman, he rang the doorbell several times and got so angry he violently bashed the security camera.

Two weeks later, Slash says the guy showed up at an invitation-only party, claiming to be Slash's friend. When he was turned away he sat on his motorcycle in the parking lot revving his engine.

It's unclear why the guy wanted to get at Slash so badly, but it was enough to scare him into run to court. 

The judge granted a temporary restraining order. 


What the fuck is wrong with people?

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I dont think hes around much more. May pop in and out on other forums

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This article mentions the actual name of the person. Anyone know a Kevin Patrick Coleman? 




Guns N’ Roses Legend Slash Wants Super Bowl Party Crasher Restrained
Published March 12, 2018 at 2:31 pm PDT
Gary Trock
Slash is asking a judge for a restraining order against a man who allegedly showed up unwanted to his Super Bowl party.

According to documents filed last Friday in Pasadena Court and obtained by The Blast, Slash claims a man named Kevin Patrick Coleman has been stalking him.

Slash claims Coleman showed up to a residence on February 4 while the star was at a Super Bowl party and claimed he had been given permission to attend. The Guitar Gawd says he doesn’t know who the guy is.

He also claims Coleman showed up to his personal residence and attempted to gain access to the property. During that time, Slash says Coleman also destroyed property at the front of his residence when he was refused entry.

Slash included security footage in the filing of Coleman from the home security cameras.

He wants protection for himself, his children, and also his girlfriend Meegan Hodges.

As we previously reported, the Guns N’ Roses rocker recently moved into a new house after divorcing his longtime wife, Perla. She is now dating Three 6 Mafia star DJ Paul.

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