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Appetite for Destruction Remastered General Thread

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Damn, instant hype!


Destruction is coming, the original AFD5 getting each of their own billboards.  And cause of the Coachella billboard hype that ended up being something big.... damn I don't wanna get excited too early but this is definitely something

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2 minutes ago, gunsguy said:

That was exactly my reaction!

What you think this means?  What could it be?

The obvious thing that we all are probably thinking would be an AFD5 show of sorts

I also think that a possibility could be a campaign to reissue/remaster AFD 

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1 minute ago, gunsguy said:

Well it certainly seems it's a real billboard and a real site... What it means... We don't know yet

Maybe an AFD remaster? I think there was a rumor about Universal doing a remaster. They probably wouldn't do a billboard for it though. 

Btw, have you always been a mod? Or is that recent? I don't pay a lot of attention haha

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Wasn't the [attempted] 2006 reunion plan to do a show at Donnington, or one of the European festivals? GNR.fm could be the site they stream the AFD5 show on, it that were to happen.

But I don't think it's an AFD5-related thing necessarily, they've used the AFD cross/skulls on merch (and maybe other billboards?) during the NITL tour. At the least, they might be adding a couple more shows and/or billboards for existing show, at most... our universal timeline has been fucked with again and hell has re-frozen :lol:

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41 minutes ago, gunsguy said:

Also a member of the Facebook group fanspot posted this billboard that was put in in Camden, London




I knew, I knew all those fights on media are just bollocks!!! :bitchfight:

I want to see the reaction of Stizzy non-lovers! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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