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Is the UYI (album) lineup anyone else's favorite?


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There was just something about the 2006 era of the band that was amazing. The guitar duo of Robin Finck and Bumblefoot with 4tus on Rythm, Brain was an animal on drums and Axl was firing on all cylinders. Tommy Stinson was great too. It's a shame that lineup never had the opportunity to play together longer and release a lot more material. 

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For me the best line up was the afd one followed by the very strong 2002 line up. Totally different yet amazingly talented especially izzy and slash in the same band together but also robin, bucket, and brain.

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mine is 2002 and UYI, depends which band you mean, but yeah, it's kinda common these days for ..... eeeeeeexpeeeeeeerts.....to say Adler is the soul and Matt  is the drum track, but it was Matt that got me to notice drums.


and, o yea, shall I defend 2002 or are we finally way past that? and Buckethead is the only GNR member EVER, read my lips, EVAH, not to do GNR song on his outside-GNR shows, and  that really says it all, Slay-sh junkies

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