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Releasing a single

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Hi all

Has anyone any experience in releasing a commercially available single.

I'm looking for the cheapest possible way to get a song on Amazon, Spotify etc.

My 14 year old is getting into guitar in a big way (just saved up to by his first Gibson!) and we've done a couple of acoustic gigs together. 

He's just taken Music as one of his year 10 options and has been told that performance will be a key part of the syllabus.

I'd like to support him in writing and recording a song, but then thought it would be cool if he could release it as an official single (just because then he can always say he has!!)

I've seen a couple of websites that do this but you need to pay a monthly fee. 

Making money isn't a motive at all, but does anyone know if there are any sites where you can just pay a one off reasonable fee to have a song published?

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