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Best date for each song on the Skin n' Bones tour?

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My first thread here, so if this subject has already been covered, I'm sorry :D

Anyway, a couple of days ago I took to listening to a lot of gigs from this particular tour, and liked it a lot. It's a lot punchier and in-your-face than the rest of the UYI tour, without Tracy, Roberta and the horns, and pretty great setlists. 

So, what I wanted to do was compile a "best of the 1993 tour" boot, with the best versions of each song of the tour. Almost like a Frankenconcert, if you will.

I've already decided on a tracklist, but I'm otherwise clueless on which are considered the best versions of each tune.

Any help?

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And the tracklist I mentioned, of course:

01 It's So Easy
02 Mr. Brownstone
03 The Garden
04 Live and Let Die
05 Welcome to the Jungle
06 Nightrain
07 Attitude
08 Nice Boys
09 Yesterdays
10 Double Talkin' Jive
11 Dead Flowers
12 You Ain't the First
13 You're Crazy
14 Used to Love Her
15 Patience
16 Knockin' on Heaven's Door
17 November Rain
18 Dead Horse
19 You Could Be Mine
20 Sweet Child O' Mine

21 Don't Cry
22 Paradise City

I included all the songs they played 15 or more times on the tour, as they were the "mainstays". The only exception is "So Fine", because Duff only got one singing spot then. And I don't really care for the solos that much, so we can ignore them, can't we? :D

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They really were on fire that tour.. I don't think the band has ever been tight than they were in 1993. I know you said songs they played 15 times or more but they played a KICK ASS version of Reckless Life at the Boston show.



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the acoustic recording of Dead Flowers that is on the Unplugged bootleg CD is pure gold

but of course the best recordings from that tour are the 5 Guns n Roses dates, i.e., the 5 dates when GNR was back together with the line up of Axl, Izzy, Slash, Duff and the other two guys Matt and Dizzy

including, obviously, the fantastic Milton Keynes show where they played a fantastic version of Honky Tonk Women


too bad there is no SDB recording circulating from any of these 5 GNR dates!



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