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Mean Bone?


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Yep... as much as I like Dover's voice... there's only a handful of songs I _really_ like from the Dover era.

ALG is the best album in my opinion. Saw them live a few times and Jackson can sing and be a front man. Loved Keri Kelli on guitar. That was my all time favorite slash group.

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For me this record have always been the best of Slash's "solo" stuff. Even better than VR. Kick to the balls, you know. Straight forward..

Rod's voice is great. Myles voice is great on a bit slower songs, but somehow I don't like it on faster songs. A bit mickey mouse.. Too bad there isn't much videos of this era. 

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9 minutes ago, El Guapo said:

Yes, Ain't Life Grand was Slash's best album in my opinion as well.Love the title track, Mean Bone, Serial Killer, Back to the moment, Been there lately...

The only thing wrong with that record is the artwork. :D

To be fair, Slash's solo stuff has always had really bad artwork.

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I remember requesting HMV get Ain't Life Grand in on CD because I couldn't find it online anywhere (in like 2003?)... I finally found it after a few weeks of sleuthing and didn't want to pay for the CD since I was a kid with limited funds... they called me periodically to pick it up for like five years until they went bankrupt :D .


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