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Slash - "I have several song ideas for new Guns material" source: Sweden Rock Magazine


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In case of making an album, what will take time (as always) is Axl and laying down new vocals on new material by Slash. The other half (if we presume that they are recording Axls old ideas aswell) is pretty quickly finished. Its just for Duff and Slash to put their stamp on Axls songs.

I dont think they will write much together as a band

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1 hour ago, Len Cnut said:

A song idea in real terms in the context of this band is to a fully formed song what the intention to have sex is to the adult that may or may not exist 30 years later as a result of said sex.

a GNR song needs Axl’s lyrics and vocal melodies unless Izzy has left the avocado farm? 

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2 hours ago, El Guapo said:

It doesn't mean much but it's still good news. :) And it puts a little pressure on Axl. ;)

Always a good thing, Axl loves danger. 

2 minutes ago, Sydney Fan said:

I guess any TB gag order that may have been in place has been removed.

I’m pretty fucking far from alright. 

16 minutes ago, t-p-d-a said:

this is nothin new... Slash has always new stuff since 1993 but the problem is Axl.

The “problem” is it’s not “new”? I think it helps if Slash gets pushed outside his comfort zone like VR or Guns. I mean I like his solo but it’s a bit de ja vu? 

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21 minutes ago, jacdaniel said:

A new Guns album is kind of a read between the lines thing.  Just like we knew the reunion was happening way WAY before it was actually announced. 

It's happening unless something changes. 

It's not really even a read between the lines thing. Both Axl and Slash have clearly shown interest in doing a new GNR album. As of now the question is not IF it's gonna happen. The question is when and how. Is Axl busy with AC/DC or is he not? Are they going to include CD2 songs or make the album from scratch? Do they have a similar vision for the album?

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39 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

Spare a thought for these poor ''Guns N' Roses'' riffs. They are the Man in the Iron Mask of musical ideas. They'll only have Paul Tobias for companionship.

So when the vault is opened in 30 years, Slash will find the riffs have overdubs on them?

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