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Nvidia 2080ti appears to be a cash grab/disaster


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And as GnR fans we know a cash grab, amirite??!?!


I didn't want to take over another thread, not sure if more than 4-5 people on this forum care about PC gaming, but the early feedback on the 2080ti, Nvidia's new flagship card are not that great.

It's hard to know for certain how fast or slow they are until people have them in hand and release some benchmarks... and the new lighting effects look really cool, but I'm seeing more and more people down on this card.


This Forbes article talks about how it can't hit 60FPS in a game MADE TO UTILIZE THE 2080...






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In fairness it could just be driver issues or something like that. Then again, AMD is giving them a run for their money in the CPU market so if they're scrambling and rushing these out to extend their lead in the GPU market, that wouldn't be beyond reason.

Another possibility is they had HairWorks turned on lmfao

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