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Many Media Outlets Saying GNR Album Is On The Way

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“We want to do something... We’ve been on the road this entire time, we have another leg coming up in November in Asia, then we’re going to start looking at what the next step is going to be.”


“...after Vegas, we’re going to start looking very seriously at what we’re doing in that regard.”

The music press is being very presumptive. We know better by now, sadly.

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The ONLY difference this time around is that now it's been a DECADE since Chinese and we aren't going to lose both our guitar players ...

Anxiously awaiting word from Mr. Rose that isn't an anti-Trump/Republican tweet ...

1 minute ago, AxlRoseCDII said:

I saw the thread title and nearly had a stroke. Jesus, never do that to me again lmao. Just an extreme spinning on words...

My exact thoughts when I saw the headline on 3 different outlets!

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I would love a rerelease of Chinese for its 10th anniversary along with CDII so we have new material to hold us over for the NEW album

Unfortunately a Chinese rerelease would take away advertising from AFD box so it's very unlikely 😕

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Slash is the new DJ Ashba ("It won't take as long - I promise"... anyone remember that bullshit?).

Slash's dad seems as out of the loop as Dizzy "You guys will find out before I do" Reed.

He also posted this a few days ago, which is sadly relevant...



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Aids title. Slash’s dad Instagram post is more revealing than the note itself. 

Can’t say i’m not excited with all of this though. Slash seems very confident that something will happen in the near future (near in GNR’s terms :lol:). I guess we’ll have to wait and see

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