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Slash & Alan Niven - Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon


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1 hour ago, Gibbo said:
This week on Westwood's One Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon - new interviews with Slash, Venom Inc.'s Tony Dolan and Sean Yseult. Alan Niven co-hosts.
In the episode's first interview, we speak with Slash about his new Living The Dream album, Guns N' Roses, Axl & AC/DC and a lot more. 
In the episode's second interview, we talk to Venom Inc's Tony Dolan about changing drummers, K.K. Downing, Mantas' heart attack, opening for The Misfits, will there be a ‘Venom United’ show like Helloween is doing, the next new album, his upcoming participation in Guns N' Roses (the musical) and playing the part of Duff McKagan and more. 
Gnr musical talk - approximately at the 53.00 minute mark. 
Sean Yseult ends the episode talking about her new photography exposition They All Axed For You, at Boyd Satellite Gallery, her creative mind, wanting to work on soundtracks, parenting a gifted child, the commercialism of art, White Zombie, and more. 


Thank you @Gibbo 

I think this interview deserves to be in D&N part of the forum.

GNR musical?

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Alan Niven from the 6.00 to the 8.30 mark nailed it IMO. I enjoy all the Conspiritors stuff and don't mind Myles singing but I agree that Slash's guitar playing is on another level and deserves to be paired with better songwriting. And I say that as a fan of Myles earlier stuff with Alter Bridge and his solo album. 

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On 08/10/2018 at 8:24 PM, Ralphelmo said:

'There's something very unique about you and Axl, that voice and that guitar tone. When you hear, for example, the Chinese Democracy songs - done live with you and Duff, they suddenly become Guns N' Roses songs' - Mitch Lafon

Love that guy :lol:

If you think about a lot (maybe some) of GNR songs were written by other people and Slash played them so it’s not that strange. 

Like the new version of Better, Slash would get a credit for the new intro. 

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