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Very Important question about Ticketmaster and Nightrain Premium Membership


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Hello everybody here on My GNR Forum.
I'm really worried today, because I still have no reply from Ticketmaster about my request, and I wanted to know if that already happened to some of you. I expected to get an e-mail from them about my Nightrain Premium Membership included in the bundle I bought 2 days ago ( 1 ticket for the Guns N' Roses show in Hawai + 80 dollars Nightrain Premium Membership ).
Here is my story: 2 days ago, I bought on Ticketmaster a ticket to go and see Guns N' Roses in Hawai on December 8th ( a real dream come true as a french fan. I will fly from Paris right for this show, yeah ! ), and when I bought my show ticket, it included an 80 dollars nightrain premium membership.
So, after I got the e-mail of confirmation from Ticketmaster that my ticket was confirmed, I expected to get an e-mail either from them or from the nightrain fan club, saying stuff like "congrats, you're now a member of nightrain fan-club. with your premium membership, you have gifts. Please select your size for your hoodie, then we'll send your gifts -hoodie, water bottle, passport, etc- in the next few days. Please let us know your adress", this kind of message.
But I didn't get anything yet. Absolutely nothing. Neither from Ticketmaster or Nightrain.
I tried to contact ticketmaster yesterday, but no reply from them yet.
So, I'm very worried now and a bit upset.
I just hope I didn't pay 80 dollars for nothing ( I also had the option to choose the 40 dollars membership, if I prefered, but I wanted the hoodie and water bottle, so, I choose the 80 dollars one ), because so far, it looks like my ticketmaster ticket is confirmed for sure, but not my membership.
How does it work ?
please  if anybody can help me, let me know as soon as possible, I'm worried about it. I hope everything is fine.


IMPORTANT: To let you know, I contacted the Nightrain fan-club yesterday, and after several e-mails, here's what the manager told me in her 2 latest e-mails:
"I am sincerely sorry, however, you are contacting Fan club support, not Ticketmaster, so I can not access the order number you have provided to me. If you purchased your membership with your tickets then you would have received an email with further instructions on how to redeem that membership. If you did not receive the email then you would need to contact Ticketmaster to have them resend it to you."
“the redemption email would have come from Ticketmaster so that you can apply it to redeem a new membership account. For assistance you would have to visit Ticketmaster to locate their contact information to be able to speak with a customer service agent via phone or email in order to have them submit the proper request needed on their end.”
Does any of you also already bought those ticketmaster bundles with tickets AND nightrain memberships ?? have you got an e-mail from ticketmaster from ticketmaster about ? I'm really confused... 
please let me know ASAP.
Thanks. Regards.
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I'd just wait. 

Don't expect much though. In about 6-8 months (I know of people who are still waiting long after that though) your stuff will turn up. That's really about it. There's not much more to Nightrain than that. You can use the forum on the website if you like; I presume you've already got a log in for that if you've registered. 

Trying to contact them is a nightmare - it's just a waiting game. Your water bottle and hoodie will turn up eventually I expect...but it will be a long wait. I know of people who still haven't received theirs though, that renewed when the new packages came in, so don't hold your breath! 

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But the problem doesn’t really seem to come from nightrain but Ticketmaster . Actually nightrain replied to my email quite quickly and nicely but I have no news from Ticketmaster . The thing is : when I  bought my concert ticket on Ticketmaster they asked me to choose between the 40 or the 80 dollars nightrain membership . I choose the 80 one because I quite like the hoodie and bottle. But after I paid ( full price : ticket + membership ) I only had an email with my ticket but absolutely nothing at all about my nightrain membership . I basically paid for it but that’s all . They didn’t write me back to send me a file with like you know , username, password etc nothing so I am unknown to the nightrain managers it’s like if I have no account no memberships but I fucking paid for it !! So it looks like nightrain can’t do anything , only Ticketmaster can help me by sending me that email with informations about the nightrain membership that I paid with my ticket but I have unfortunately no replies from them to my emails . So for sure I paid 80 dollars for my membership but it’s like I just paid that extra 80 to get the right to buy ticket but my membership is lost somewhere . According to nightrain Ticketmaster is supposed to send me an email with my nightrain membership . Fucking weird and I feel quite desperate .so what I wanted to know : does this already happened to some of you to buy on the Ticketmaster website a concert ticket ( + including a nightrain membership ) and in this case what happened to you ?!? Did you get a Ticketmaster email with a code to validate your nightrain membership ?!? I am so lost I need to know I need help . I get the feeling I paid 80 dollars for nothing !! It drives me crazy ! 

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I HOPE SO !!! I really do !! Thanks !! I will let you know how things evolve as soon as I know more about the situation ... how crappy and weird is that relationship betweeen Ticketmaster and nightrain ... very  confusing 

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4 minutes ago, FHS said:

Very interesting to know that Ticketmaster runs Nghtrain. Very interesting. I really hope they will help me and make things ok. Fingers crossed. I'll let you know what will happen...

If you need a quicker response then take some time apart and actually call them on the phone. An email could take months to respond, or maybe never.

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Oh and I wanna add, I am a member of AeroForceOne for several years, Bon Jovi once. ALWAYS(no pun intended), they ship their items less than a week of joining/renewing. Not sure if GN’R sends their items longer for years now or just when TM took over.

2 hours ago, ZoSoRose said:

Nightrain is the worst band fan club in existence. The people who run it are morons and the people who post there are even worse. Its full of idiots, at best.

Don't bother

Im a new member. The forums seems to be empty. Just a few posting. Why is this? Not much members?

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1 hour ago, FHS said:

Very interesting to know that Ticketmaster runs Nghtrain. Very interesting. I really hope they will help me and make things ok. Fingers crossed. I'll let you know what will happen...

They tend to reply using form letters and about 2 months ago someone actually got one that was referring to the Pearl Jam fan club when inquiring about a Nightrain issue....not joking, I saw the email copy :facepalm:

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