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Talk is Jericho Living The Dream With Slash


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I haven't listened to it, but it seems some interesting stuff was said.

Slash implied that they tried to get the original lineup together (at least Izzy, I guess) but it didn't work out, so they ended up working with people from NuGnR:

Jericho mentioned that it would have been weird to fire all of the Chinese Democracy era GNR members.

Slash said, “That’s sort of a bigger subject considering all of the different things that went on during that period of trying to sort of figure all that out. All things considered, yeah, you’re right. When certain things that we were sort of trying to get sorted out didn’t work, Axl’s band that he had been working with for 15 years, I felt really comfortable with Richard [Fortus], Frank [Ferrer] was great. It wasn’t rocket science to keep all that together, when other stuff we were trying to do didn’t work out. I’m not going to get into all of that though.”

He later added, “Even in the 90’s we didn’t have the original lineup, so it wasn’t something we were going: ‘oh my god’ about.”

“Richard’s great. I don’t know all of the guys that played guitar with Guns prior to my coming back. I hadn’t met any of them. Richard was the first one at rehearsal, and we hit it off automatically. He’s one of those guys who is an amazing technician. He’s very knowledgable about guitar techniques, and all kinds of shit guitar. He’s rooted in the same kind of rock guitar and influences that I am, so we speak the same language.”


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5 minutes ago, MaskingApathy said:

I think that's referring to the rumor that Slash and Duff were trying to get Matt back but it didn't work. Possibly Gilby too.

I think he's referring to Izzy, because of the bit about the 90s, where he says that it's the same now as then.

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