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True Story Behind Shannon Hoon and GNR!

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11 minutes ago, SoulMonster said:

I started liking Blind Melon after watching Dear Ol' Dad on Headbanger's Ball back in the early 90s. Really dug the band. 

They are so kickass!  Their debut and second albums are just straight up fantastic music

I was just listening to Mouthful of Cavities right before I got online, this is a cool video thanks for sharing sidman

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I loved Blind Melon from the first time I heard them on the radio. I was fortunate to see them in Dallas as part of a large music festival. i was traveling through Indiana at the time of his death and ended up staying at the same hotel as the band who were there for his funeral. Really nice genuine guys. 

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29 minutes ago, Italian girl said:

it's not  good to touch things left on someone's grave!!!


Furthermore its not good to visit a graveyard with a fuckin video camera rollin and shooting clips for youtube. 

In no way I am a religious guy but it is a question of respect not to so which every child knows, at least in Europe. 

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