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Alter Bridge


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Surprised there isn't a thread about them, but yes they are pretty awesome. Saw them a couple of times and plan to do so in the future.

I'd say their debut record is the weakest. It's not a bad record at all, but compared to the rest it's not as good when you are looking at all the song on it.

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On 25-10-2018 at 5:32 AM, BreakDown2014 said:

Saw them live last years and they were amazing. Their last bluray (Live at Royal Albert Hall) is just incredible

They sound great there, but isn't the orchestra burried too much in the mix ? (if you compare this to S&Metallica)

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Like others here, I think Fortress has been their strongest album. The Last Hero took a bit of a step back in quality for me.

The riffing is there, but some of the passion in the lyrics isn’t there. The album has a pretty muddy mix too, it’s hard to hear things clearly on this one like you could on Fortress. 

This new live album with the symphony orchestra is pretty good, though Myles voice does get a little nasally here and there. 

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