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Your favorite "Axl Pose" moments


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Guns Nâ Roses arriving at Dublin Airport on May 14th, 1992, for their Slane Castle gig. Photograph: Independent News and Media/Getty ImagesImage result for axl rose rapperImage result for axl rose nightclub

This thread is meant as a celebration of all things Axl Pose (James Hetfield's favorite diva). But let's expand this to include all manner of Axl being "Axl" or  someone clowning the redhead's diva moments.

There is a veritable treasure trove of material from '87 - 2012. Where do we start really? There's Axl and his craigslist band getting bottled in Ireland, fur coats and basketball games in 2002, randomly jumping out of Slash's car, the pimp cane, Axl's white trash bistro, Mike Patton... - endless list really. Illusion era and "Homie"-Axl circa 2002 alone could fill a book.

I'll start with my two favorite moments:

1. The Izzy in Chicago '89 story - This is the one where Izzy is driving to the hotel in Chicago to meet the boys and finish writing UYI. As he's driving up, he sees Axl on the balcony pelting fans below on the street with Italian food - naturally, Izzy promptly turns around and drives straight back to Indiana. Classic.

2. The Lamb dinner debacle of 2006 that nearly incited a riot aka "Guns N' Roasties"

AXL Rose nearly sparked a riot at a reunion concert by refusing to go on stage until he had eaten a roast lamb dinner. The 44-year-old lead singer of the self styled "world's most dangerous band" demanded a roast lamb dinner, complete with Yorkshire puddings, mint sauce, and gravy before the sell-out gig at Newcastle's Metro Arena on Wednesday. Fans were waiting an hour and 15 minutes in sweltering heat while caterers rushed to prepare his grub.

Thousands started jeering and throwing objects at the stage in Newcastle, but wildman Axl - who flew in by helicopter - refused to budge.

Fan Saskia Green, 25, said: "It was really hot and the crowd was booing because he was taking forever.

"A security guard said the delay was caused by Axl demanding a lamb dinner before he went on - very rock 'n' roll."

Colin Revel, manager of the Metro Arena, confirmed Axl refused to play until he had been fed, adding: "Only a roast dinner would do."


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For some reason I always laugh my head off at this scene in the Estranged video when Rose, in slow motion, walks around the corner brandishing a glass of champers with a lackey in tow, 

His walk is a sort of slow motion ''strut'' which coincides with the cadence of the music - and the whole pomposity of it all.

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I love Axl's onstage anecdote about the band accidentally smuggling a gun into Canada. It's the closest thing to a proper Axl speech I've seen on this tour.

Edit: I totally misread the title and thought it was general Axl moments... I like the shrug he does in this video!

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Any of his onstage garb, i was watching PTU youtube tokyo show today and the red suit jacket, red hotpants and black dr martens was to much. Even the kilt:facepalm: even the photo of axl in my avarter with the white pants and pink undies on the outside.

The size of the cigarette axl was smoking in slashs book where theres a photo of them backstage. Who has a cigarette that long?.

But the homie 02 look with the bandanna, oversized shirt and braids would be it. The guy was probably hibernating since the illusion tour finished and after a long absence that was now  his "look" to say ive arrived!!!.

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