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Dog the Bounty Hunter


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I love Dog and his wife Beth. Watched their show when it was on.

The last episode was about Beth fighting a battle against throat cancer. She wanted to show her battle on tv. She was in surgery for over 13 hours.  The Dog had to leave the hospital because his fans were disrupting the hospital. We saw the pain he was going through worrying about Beth.

Well, I just read some bad news. Beth was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on her throat again. She had a blockage. Also, her throat cancer is back.

I feel so bad for Beth and her family. I know what cancer can do to the patient and the family and friends. Shannon Simmons, Gene's wife, is one of her best friends and helped her the first time around.

I just hope she will come through this okay. It sucks to hear you have cancer and to get it again, sucks even more.

I do hope she makes it again. She and Dog are such a loving couple. I wish them the best.

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