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Vintage: Doug Goldstein's hilarious letter to Axl ~2009

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Axl Rose hosting his own festival could go one of two ways...

Either it ends up like Metallica's Orion Festival, which bombed so hard they had to spend the next 3 years touring relentlessly to recoup the losses (admittedly their expensive IMAX movie bombing didn't help).

Or it could end up weirdly successful, like the CalJam festival the Foo Fighters have ran the past two years.

Although a festival associated with the NuGuns that barely anybody have a damn about at that point in time? Yeah, that'd have made Orion Festival look downright lucrative.


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Is this legit or a joke?


The spelling errors, typos misused words ('know one' really? wtf...) and the subject matter of the letter in general make this look like it was written by a 7th grader who isn't bright.


Don't get me wrong, I make typos, and I've misused their they're there.... but on things like forum threads.  starting somewhere around "email to a co-worker" it get proofed to some degree in my life.


This is so over the top dumb, it seems suspect.  Did Beta drug him before he wrote the letter?  WTF did I just read?

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This is gold. Doug is so fucking shady. The only thing worse than The Rose Festival idea is his spelling. What the fuck was he thinking?! If he wasn’t high, he has major problems. Going back to my comments on another thread, something is just off with him. Fernando looks like Clive Davis compared to this clown. Niven was hands down their best manager. Such a shame... 

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34 minutes ago, Legendador said:

You guys are so LAME!

So, the guy who worked for Axl for 20 years is trying to reach out to him (right or wrong - we will never know) and you make fun of that?

Because Alan Niven is trustworthy, right? The guy that sold to Great White a Answer Machine tape with a major fight between Erin and Axl (just listen to "Psyco City") is the guy you think is to be trusted. Even Slash criticized Alan in his book.

I don't know who is right or wrong in this relationship (Axl / Doug), don't care, because is none of my business, but here I see someone trying to make something right or to fix something and stupid idiots making fun of it.

LAME! :facepalm:

At least, with Doug, those where the best GNR years prior to the reunion.

Merck ruined the band, Alan was only there to make Great White as big as GNR.

Guys, I think we found Doug's account!

Doug is despised by everyone in Guns for a reason.

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