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Chris Cornell - I am the highway = NO GNR?


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Why would GNR feel the need to be obligated to take part regarding a big event regarding a deceased rock musician?  I mean if we're asking why GNR didn't take part, we might as well ask why Eddie Vedder didn't take in it.  Why Corey Taylor didn't take part in it.  Why didn't insert "well-known rock band/musician that may have known Chris Cornell at some point" take part of it.  Etc.

I'm sure they have their valid reasons not to.  Just because someone may throw out a feeler that they want you for the show doesn't mean you have to take part in it.  I know Duff revere all the big bands that came out of Seattle so I guess I should have been a little shocked that he didn't take part of the show.  I would have loved nothing more for Slash and/or Myles Kennedy to take part of the show.  Slash, because he and Chris did the song, Promise, in the first Slash solo album and Myles would have delivered on any Chris Cornell song that he or whoever would have picked.  That stated, they were both in Japan at the time of the show and they got a long two months of touring to do to cover Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe.  It would have been a big pain traveling across the Pacific and back for only one show (but what a show).

I was there for the show.  I had a great time.  Audioslave delivered a great set, short but full of solid hits including Dave Grohl singing Show Me How to Live.  I had no issues with Metallica playing their set.  They delivered some deep Soundgarden cuts and got the crowd going with For Whom the Bell Tolls and Master of Puppets.  Foo Fighters did something similar, play a deep cut Soundgarden song and Dave Grohl played Everlong to close their set to get the crowd going.  Never saw Metallica in person so I was quite pleased with the result.  I don't think I would have felt the same if GNR came out, but would have been thrilled if Slash and Duff did something (not as GNR the entity) to pay respect for their fallen peer, but if it is not meant to be then it's not meant to be.  No point pointing fingers on why it didn't happen.

Edit: Speaking of why Metallica being at the tribute show sorta makes sense.  There was a spot in Chris Cornell's solo shows where he decides to play U2's One, instrumentally, and fitted the lyrics to Metallica's One and it's a nice performance so I think Cornell had a fair amount of respect for Metallica to do this kind of thing in his shows.

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11 hours ago, PopcornAdler said:

Did i miss something?  Why didn't GnR play at this? 

There are tons of acts and people associated with Chris Cornell that weren't there, your posts make it sound like GNR was expected morally to show up - your reaction is puzzling me with all due respect lol


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