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Kings Of Chaos without Matt


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KIngs Of Chaos will do a show in 2019, which I know of from Gilby's announcement and I see no Matt in the line up. There's a new drummer in the band. I am pretty much surprized because Matt was always playing the "it's my band" angle. I know Matt has a new band, Deadland Ritual, and are the dates colliding or did Matt just abandon the KOC project?

so what's the deal with Matt and supergroups anyway? First it was Camp Freddy, then In 2012 he formed Rock And Roll AllStars , then in 2013 Kings Of Chaos,  and now Deadland Ritual. And if you remember, Velvet Revolver was a "supergroup" as well and weird enuff, Matt was also the boss of it (business-wise, not music-wise). So what' s up with Matt? Is he the business-man of the century or is he really so lame at it than he needs to keep forming new bands over and over?

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Maybe it gives an insight into the biz? Just like the Guns reunion started with a Promoter, maybe Matts supergroups do as well? And the lineups are more of an event then an entity. Once they do the world tour, time for a new name and slightly different lineup, which the public will consume as an exciting brand new event.

That is up until Deadland Ritual. It has Geezer Fucking Butler. And original music.

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Rock and Roll Allstars is KOC, they just changed the name. I think at this point Matt is very well off financially and doesn't need to commit to any one project for an extended period of time. He can hop around between bands and tours and do whatever he wants. That said I think it would be cool if Steven were to do something similar and play shows with some kind of KOC all star cover band, playing material apart from AFD.

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