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RIP Jim Dunlop

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3 hours ago, rocknroll41 said:

Wow that story about how he rigged the system to cross the canadian border is pretty cool! Never knew that about him. RIP.

Yeah, didn't know that either. Interesting story.

I like my CryBaby Classic a lot and I pretty much exclusively use Dunlop gel picks. Looks like he lived a long, rewarding life.

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Great picks indeed. 

"Dunlop was born Glasgow, then relocated to Canada as an adult. A chance correspondence from a friend inspired his move to the U.S. “I got a postcard from a friend of mine,” the entrepreneur remembered. “It had a picture of a bikini-clad lady and said it was 90 degrees in Muscle Beach. It was 12 degrees below in Ottawa. I decided I’m getting the hell out of here."

I can relate to this impulse, here in Ottawa where its -18c with windchill as I type! :lol: But I must say, the women here fill out a snow suit in all the right ways! 


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