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Destiny 2

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These kinds of games seem too huge for me.  Too much commitment and time to really get into the weeds.  I say this as someone who has spent 100+ hours playing RDR2, but I don't think I could give this level of attention to any other game other than those produced by Rockstar.  I have friends who play and love it, though they did say the game became considerably more fun after Foresaken was released. 

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Destiny 2 isn't bad.  I played it for a while, but it grew old fast.  For me there is that moment of realization when games with that overall concept (grind in order to find weapons or items to allow you to grind better) hits me that it's a treadmill and I lose interest quickly. For whatever reason, it hit me really really fast in Destiny 2.  I think one of the main reasons for me was a dislike of the graphics overall style.  They were great graphics, just not a fan of the styling, so it was a little lost on me.

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