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What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

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1. I personally don't give a hot fuck whether or not Steve and Izzy are in the band. Very few people outside of this board care if they're in the band. 

2. I actually like Frank. I can see where people would dislike his style but I don't have an issue with his playing.

3. The very last guitar solo in Estranged is Slash's best solo.

4. Fortus > Izzy 

5. Chinese Democracy is a good album, it's just overproduced. 

6. Aside from a stellar night here and there, Slash's playing wasn't that great on the NITL tour.

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1 hour ago, alfierose said:

I don't like November Rain all that much and think Estranged is the superior ballad.

This is my unpopular opinion too.

so is it still unpopular? That’s the paradigm 

Edit: I hate the braids. They are fucking ugly.

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25 minutes ago, Italian girl said:

I Like my world

I hate coma

I miss gilby

I think that "current" Axl Is handsome

Melissa Is a nice girl


Gilby was sooooo good. If Fortus wasn't there, and Izzy was impossible to get, than Gilby should have been the first call

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Before I write this i would like to say I would like Izzy to be part of the writing process for the next album so I include myself when I say this. But we criticise GNR for relying on AFD on NITL tour and living on the past.  but as fans we can’t move on by a man who left Guns 28 years ago (Izzy)to move forward with a writing process for a new album 

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1. Frank is my favorite GNR drummer ever.

2. CD is the second best GNR album.

3. Izzy's solo material is boring.

4. Nothing wrong with Team Brazil.

5. I dig Axl's hats.

6. Final version of CITR is better than the Brian May demo.

7. I don't like Paradise City.

8. My World is kinda cool.

9. I hope that the next GNR album sounds more like CD than AFD.

10. GNR music getting more political would be a good thing.


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1. Melissa is unnecessary.

2. Axl can't sing anymore.

3. Fortus is better than Izzy but doesn't fit the band as Stradlin does (or Gilby).

4. Frank is terrible.

5. NITLT is a cash grab.

6. NuGNR was really, really bad. Both music-wise and image-wise.

7. CD wasn't neither fresh or good, should've been released under Axl Rose solo band's name, people would receive it much better that way.

8. Musically only 1985-1993 GNR lineups can match SMKC in terms of tightness and accuracy in playing AFD songs compared to actual recording.

9. I didn't enjoy GNR show in 2017.

10. Slash plays better in his solo band, doesn't matter which repertoire.

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1. UYI albums have no filler tracks.

2. The last time Axl looked cool was in 1994 when he shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen. 

3. Fortus is a really nice guy (I ran into him in London 2017 while he was sightseeing with his kids). 

4. The quality of Youtube videos is not the problem of Axl’s voice. Its Axl‘s voice. If he sounded like shit on YT he just sounded like shit at the corresponding show even if you are having a good time in the crowd. I can confirm this from personal experience. 

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48 minutes ago, SoulMonster said:

That all is good in GN'R land and that there is nothing to complain about.

Reading through all that and coming to your post, absolutely this.

Also: whenever Axl does something that is completely illogical and opposite to what everyone, and the fans in particular, expects, I smile to myself and think: that's my Axl :lol: (I'll agree it's frustrating some times, but it's always a cause of amusement to me too.)

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