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Copyright Strikes....

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This is strange, because it seems to have happened only in this particular site. All the GnR lyrics can still be found in all other popular lyric sites.

What's even stranger is that the lyrics of the covers (KOHD, LALD, TSI songs, Sympathy for the Devil) have been also taken down from this particular site, although GnR doesn't own the copyright. 


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3 hours ago, RussTCB said:

Your post has literally nothing to do with the thread. 


Having said that, this is just the latest in a long line of bullshit. 


nothing to do?


are you serious?

so tell me, who OWNS this nonsense that presents itself to the world as guns n' roses?

who CALLS THE SHOTS in this nonsense?

let me connect A to B for you:

it is Axl Rose calling the shots on everything that involves this nonsense that presents itself to the world as guns n' roses since at least 1996

if these nonsense takedowns are happening on youtube, ebay, lyrics sites, wherever, it is because axl rose WANTS IT to happen or ALLOWS IT to happen

and that is why i love, i really love when people come here in this forum to say that "Axl Rose has a vision for GNR"

yeah right

33 minutes ago, zombux said:

LOL. that's so spot on!

the vision is to treat fans like shit and milk money off the casuals. works brilliant!

i couldn't have said better

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