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My main problem is the ''Marvel humour'', post-ironic, frequently breaking through ''The Fourth Wall'', removes any sense of impending danger. It is difficult to feel there is any great threat to plan

I don't know about anyone else, but now that the Infinity Saga is done, I'm kinda "over" the MCU now. Not completely, I'm moderately interested with where things are going to go, but having said that

Look, it's a perfectly cromulent sci-fi super hero show, but it's not re-inventing the wheel or breaking any new ground by any stretch of the imagination.


I was harsh.  It's not "horseshit."  It's competently written and executed.   People losing their fucking minds over it IS horseshit though.

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I think the last Marvel program (The Punisher aside) I watched was Endgame. Totally fried from the genre as a whole.

That said, 'The Boys' was a breath of fresh air.

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Despite the fact that I started this thread, I am NEARLY pulled back in by Wandavision, lol. While I don't think the show itself is amazing (Mandalorian was better), it's providing a glimpse into where the MCU might be heading.

Based on what we've seen so far (and what I've heard on the rumors mill), this multiverse idea is FANTASTIC. We don't need to reboot the x-men (even though many of the films are flawed, they have some GREAT moments). Just cherry pick characters from the x-men movies, and incorporate them into the MCU. Make the x-men films, tobey maguire spiderman and Garfield Spiderman films cannon. It's THE best way to incorporate the x-men imo (with the spiderman being a happy bonus). Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine. Sure they could try and recast, but it'll be a hard act to follow. 

If they bring in Quicksilver, Deadpool, Magneto (probably Fassbender), Prof X (Mcavoy) and cherry pick a few others... That's perfect. You don't even "need" to use Hugh Jackman all that often, use him for cameos and the BIG crossover films. Wolverine has ALWAYS been my favorite Marvel character, so him the MCU will keep me invested. Having said that, we don't need to have solo films, if they make the Fox films cannon. It would also explain why the x-men time line is so messy, different universe. Same for the Spiderman films. Tobey maguire will ALWAYS be my favorite spiderman. Not because I don't like Tom Holland (because I do), but because Spiderman 1 and 2 are STILL the best spiderman movies. 

Having said all of that, they SHOULD reboot Fantastic Four, which they are. Give me the X-men films and Maguire Spiderman films as official MCU cannon, and I'm a HAPPY Marvel fan. 

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