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Guns N' Roses playing Lollapalooza 2020 in Brasil

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This tour should have ended in 2017 with the NA shows. It's getting a little ridiculous now 

Its now the "not gonna finish touring in this lifetime".

The funny thing is that I remember that GnR almost made plans to play in Chile and Argentina right after Rock In Rio 3, in 2001. And now they will apparently be playing those three countries in that o

On 28/6/2019 at 1:44 AM, BlueJean Baby said:

I am seeing numerous reports on Nightrain, but the only articles I can find online are in Spanish, which i do not speak. :facepalm:

If someone could translate this article please...



FYI its portuguese not spanish

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Nice they are playing here again, i guess they woudn't be otherwise.

But a shame it's a festival, and especially a rich posers one where they are more worried about being pictured because of the clothes they wear and what's trendy and not really insterested in the music. For them eletronic music and live music is the same shit, just background music to listen while you get high. Its like our version of Coachella. lol

I saw them in 2017 at the São Paulo Trip ''festival'' with Alice Cooper and Tyler Bryant in a nice modern stadium and it was totally worth the money. If it was there again, i would totally go. 

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8 minutes ago, AxlRoseCDII said:

I think we can put a pin in a new album for 2020, no?

They have time. Myles is with his band, so Slash is free. Duff also finished his solo album tour. It’s just a matter of actually doing the work. After this reunion I don’t doubt anything and I don’t think Axl wants to sit around, he seems excited and happy. Besides we all know that’s not how Slash and Duff work and him sitting around would not be good for their relationship.

That said, I don’t think they are worried with deadlines, they’ll do it on their own time. If I had to guess anything I would say that they’ve already done more than we think.

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