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Showa era Godzilla films coming to Criterion Collection


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6 hours ago, Amir said:

That's cool, too bad I already own most of the Showa films I want. I also own ALL of Heisei. I only have 2 Millenium films GMK and Final Wars (because I'm not really a big fan of the millennium series). 

As for Showa, I have the original, Godzilla vs King Kong, Ghidorah the 3 headed monster, Invasion of the Astro Monster, Godzilla VS Gigan and Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla. The only other one I would be interested in would be Godzilla vs Mothra and maybe Terror of MechaGodzilla. I've seen the rest of the Showa era, and they are not all that good imo. Take Destroy All Monsters for example, it sounds great on paper, but it really isn't all that good of a film imo. It's not bad, just kinda average. 

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I own a mixture of the Showa era on Bluray and DVD. I wonder if Criterion is the only way to get all the Showa on blu ray since there's only  a few of the Showa on Blu ray?


This also includes the original Japanese versions of all the films including King Kong Vs. Godzilla which alone should be worth getting. There's no rumored alternate ending as the internet debunked years ago, but still it is the original The US release added some dumb stock footage and a news reporter. 

Outside the Criterion only a handful of the Showa films are on Blu Ray. At least for international release, good luck getting the Japanese releases. 

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