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Appetite for Distortion - Mike Fasano talks Matt Sorum, Snakepit, & Spaghetti Incident | Ep. 139

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NEW! Ep. 139 - Mike Fasano

Hear Mike "The Sack" Fasano share tales of being Matt Sorum's roommate, contributions the Spaghetti Incident (Hair of the Dog), touring with Jani Lane, becoming Tré Cool's drum tech, Slash's Snakepit (first time he did coke was with Matt & Slash), being in Gilby Clarke's band, new Tiger Army, and more!

iHeartRadio --> https://ihr.fm/2Z4GusT
Spreaker --> https://bit.ly/2KPnXHH
SoundCloud --> https://bit.ly/2ZaIU9c
Castbox --> https://bit.ly/2NdWgv4
Stitcher --> https://bit.ly/2HnXGhC
Google Play --> https://bit.ly/2ZbuZf8



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Finished this episode this morning.  Wow Mike has a lot to say haha.  He has some amazing stories.  Like you said @Gambit83 who would have known he was roommates with Matt Sorum?!  Who would have known why he was involved in TSI?  It was as simple as he was friends with Matt and Matt wanted to throw him a bone.  Even though this is .0001% in the history of the band its cool to know the background of it.  

I'm happy that Mike acknowledged he did due diligence in researching you and your podcast before he went on.   It's funny, back in college in 2000-01 I used the same approach Mike talked about fans using to try interviewing him so that I could interview Axl about the status of Chinese Democracy.  I cannot tell you how many times I called Geffen (or was it Universal?) at that time trying to connect with Axl saying that I was affiliated with my school newspaper :lol:.  Anyways keep building your reputation Brando!  Soon enough you'll have Axl as a weekly recurring guest!

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