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Hard School FULL LEAK Discussion **NO LINKS**7 Day Suspension For Asking For Links**

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Just now, GNRfanMILO said:

It leaked an hour ago, no one even noticed.

Thank you for including the usual verbiage in the title :)



We'll have the same policy as always. ANYONE asking for or even hinting at asking for links will receive an immediate 7 day suspension. 

Absolutely no exceptions. Please save us a lot of work and yourself a lot of trouble. 


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This is incredible.

How was this not on Chinese Democracy?

The 1999-2000 band is so fucking underrated. My God. 

This would've made an incredible lead single combo along with Better. 

Josh Freese is the man. Robin's solo. Is that Paul Huge on the first solo?

Can you believe this leaked in part 14 years ago? I'm getting ancient. 

P.S. Someone leak Atlas. Pleeeeeeease. 

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some user DM'd me with a link to the forums this was posted on before it went widespread and i anounced it was out on discord, i cant believe nobody noticed this for an hour. quick, everyone go check dead/quiet gnr forums for other songs. this one came from gnrevo from a user who created an account just to post the link.

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