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Hard School FULL LEAK Discussion **NO LINKS**7 Day Suspension For Asking For Links**

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I would have thought this went without saying, but PM'ing an admin to ask for links will also get you a 7 day suspension.... 

Out of curiosity, I searched into a body of newspapers for examples of use of "hard-school" in context other than the literal one (i.e. about school) or the obvious figurative one as in "learning in t

13 minutes ago, Gibsonfender2323 said:

Anyone else get a vr vibe?

I heard Sorum for seconds in some place in the song... crazy... on the 1st play.


Im on 11 times now.


Greart song!! very rocker. Most rocker than the CD ones... Perfect to opening this new leg of the tour gaddamn!!!!! Please do it!!!!!

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1 minute ago, rocknroll41 said:

Honestly, if the band/label never intends to release this, then that wouldn’t actually  surprise me. XD

If the band or label would let me pay for it, I sure would. 

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Certainly bodes well for the rest of the material that's still out there in the ether - I think we can all agree this is far stronger than the majority of what made it onto Chinese Democracy - kind of fits into the "future rock" thing we were promised at the time. 


Got to say I prefer all the 2003 versions of the songs, all a bit leaner and not weighed down by all the Protooled patchwork flabbiness of the finished product. 

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And now I'm listening to Chinese Democracy demos all day.... sometimes I forget how great this album is. I had honestly given up on ever hearing more '99-01 material, but days like today remind me why I love that era of the band. Hard School might be "just a straight-forward rocker" but God damn, that's what Axl Fucking Rose does best.

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Just now, Towelie said:

Our first completely new GNR song in eleven years ends up being a song that was recorded two decades ago and is leaked without the bands consent and this gives you hope? That's some mental gymnastics you're doing there my son.

If the band notices it then maybe they will perform it 

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