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CD Leaks Discussion Thread **NO LINKS, NO ASKING / HINTING FOR LEAKS**

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8 minutes ago, rocknroll41 said:

Not sure. Feel like someone who has heard Thyme would’ve already said so if that was the case tho.

I dunno, the idea of Axl scrambling for a 10-second intro to TWAT and screaming "start cannibalizing our bad songs!" to find it instead of coming up with something new sounds very Axl

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38 minutes ago, NOVEMBER COMA said:

Silkworms is a Dizzy song just like Tommy & BBF had their tracks. Can't see it ever being on an album, lyrics are too weird. Played live back in the day, that's it. OMG similar, was on a soundtrack then played live, just a moment in time never to be repeated. 


Yeah I don’t see Silkworms, Going Down, or OMG ever making it onto a record at this point, which is fine imo. Make room for other songs!

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13 hours ago, gabfm said:

To me, the 99' versions sounds better because they are more aggressive. The mix is clearly pointing to industrial, the bass, the guitars, drums. I remember AXL looking for the "smell like teen spirit" drums sound.  I think the album changed a lot when they realized that industrial rock wasn't selling anymore and decided to turn the songs to a hard rock style.

With that change, the essence of the music was kind of lost.

Yeah, and that's what I like about this version of the album: more agressive, more faithful to the sound Axl was initially trying to achieve based on what he and others that worked on the album talked about. Just as important maybe, it was also way more organic and the songs weren't lost in the sea of layers.

But while argressive hard rock with balls was always a big part of what Guns music sounded like, super polished was also how every main Gn'R album of original material was. Appetite for example is agressive and yet it's played and recorded like the opposite of a Punk album. It's meticulously refined.

Chinese ended up sounding more like an old Gn'R album in a way. Not nearly as raw as the 1999 version, more polished and with more prominent guitar moments and Axl maybe trying to find a balance between his ambition to incorporate new influences to Gn'R but keeping more classic elements. It's like Bumble said how he thought the album sounded too mechanical for Gn'R to him. It lacked the sleazy element when it came to the guitars.

So take for example the title track: the problem with it is that the 1999 version with Josh sounds great with the drums and bass hitting you hard, without the long intro. It's aggressive and it works, but it's too empty if you look at it as a Guns tune. This is why the official version makes sense to me: Bumble added the sleazy rhythm fretless parts, Bucket added his main solo which elevated the song imo and his leads throughout the song were more like how Slash would have handled it probably. (more focus on guitar)

I think trying to create a Guns album without Slash must have been hard as fuck. He naturally brings a certain balance with him to the sound but I think each of the two versions of the album have their strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps the ideal approach really was to release more than just 1 album and that way it could have been more natural. Releasing the first album in 1999 and then taking it from there. Instead Axl tried to cram everything into the same tunes so now priorities change as you're trying to find a sonic and artistic balance with way more elements so you end up doing a disservice to the songs one way or another which is exactly what happened.

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9 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:

Thyme = PRL.

Perhaps is the 3rd song with Brian May. I don't think PRL and Perhaps are the same song? Thyme is an instrumental piece intended for PRL, like a 'stem', as far as I know.

Translation may not be great but this article advises the followup to chinese democracy was to be a album called PRL so I highly doubt its a instrumental.

If someone could translate it better than google translate please go ahead.

Axl told the fans questions by the pool. And he said that in China Dem one song is dedicated to J. Lennon and one is about child abuse. 

And then he said that: 
 - the second GNR album is to be called "PRL" (the author of the article gave a question mark after the title, no matter if he heard it right) 



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10 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:

Thyme = PRL.

Perhaps is the 3rd song with Brian May. I don't think PRL and Perhaps are the same song? Thyme is an instrumental piece intended for PRL, like a 'stem', as far as I know.

I'm sure I read on here PRL and Perhaps are the same. PRL was short for Perhaps ??? I can't recall what it was exactly and I can't seem to find it anymore, but I remember thinking: Odd, it's only two words and PRL is three letters.:lol: So if Thyme is the 'intro' to PRL/Perhaps, those three titles seem to be only one song.

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These are all interesting ideas.
I think, however, that a big role was played by the record company. In 1996 it seems that the record with Slash and Duff was almost done. Slash leaves the band and Axl decides to put the tracks aside. With other bands and in other years the record company would never have accepted this. Instead the label would have pushed for the release of the album allowing Robin to complete the work. What I mean? That a normal band between 1997-2008 would have produced at least three albums. The first with Slash, Duff; the second 1998-2000 with Beavan producer. The third between 2006-2008 with the most recent tracks released on CD

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9 hours ago, Gordon Comstock said:


Riad (album version), Scraped, Hardschool and Silkworms all have unnecessary intro's. CD with the shorter intro could've easily been in the middle of the album.

Scraped's intro is the best part of the song

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2 hours ago, jamillos said:

Plus I don't think Sorry would be a suitable track to close the album with. 

I agree. 

Prostitute is one of the best album closers of all time imo.

23 minutes ago, zombux said:

its working name was Thyme.

I thought Scraped's other name was Lies They Tell?

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