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Silkworms FULL LEAK Discussion **NO LINKS**7 Day Suspension For Asking For Links**

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32 minutes ago, Powerage5 said:

And at the same time he said they reworked the song. I’m not arguing that the chorus didn’t get removed at some point, I’m only saying it makes more sense they got rid of the chorus when they reworked the whole song. 

Not really. Basically the original leak was BBF in one channel and the rest of the audio in another. The “2002” version is just dual mono of the second channel with no BBF track. 

Ah right. I think I misunderstood what you were saying haha. Thought you were saying the chorus was never there. 

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24 minutes ago, username said:

I'm starting to like the new silkworms leak more and more. What the fuck is wrong? Somebody please help me. I'm scared. 

I went through this.

It's going to be ok, things may be frightening right now but just remember your not alone.

There should probably be some sort of helpline for this though.

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It’s weird cause when I first heard this version I LOATHED it! But now, I like it WAY more than the Bumble version, and I even almost like it just as much as Evader’s fanmade one. It’s so weird how opinions can change in such a short amount of time.

3 hours ago, Gackt said:

I'm currently hooked on imsorry's remix of Silkworms

How is his version different from others? If you don’t mind me asking.

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  • 9 months later...

I love the 2000 version of Silkworms, but I like the acappela better on the 06 version cause it's equal to the Rock in Rio version. The rest of the 06 version is pretty weak and repetitive though.

So ideally I think we still didn't get the best version of Silkworms, I think that should be around 2001 or 2002 version (The Rock in Rio version).

On the 2000 version the main guitars on the chorus are gone and there is no (what can I do... with a bitch like you), unless that chorus only existed on the live version, kinda like what he does with Double Talkin' Jive (the home fuck part).


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Years ago I read on one of the forums where the song was allegedly improved with a Buckethead solo, someone, could have been a friend or girlfriend of the band or someone connected had it on their iPod and mentioned it during an interview or something. Wish I remembered more, but that's basically what they said.

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  • 4 months later...

I like it, it's just executed wrong. The 2006 version is better, with the heavy guitars. Harder to listen to as it's very badly mixed and obviously cut and pasted and looped in places, but style wise it's better. Some clever person needs to seperate the guitars and put them on the locker disc version. 

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