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10/01/19 - Jacksonville, FL - Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena

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Listen- I totally get the comments about the setlist. Part of me was a little disappointed not to hear Locomotive, Dead Horse, or Hard School. But this band can fucking rock. It was an amazing co

I am new to this forum. I understand the complaints about the same setlist for all of you devoted fans that have seen them many times. This was my first gnr show and I loved it. I have wanted to

Hi everyone, just wanna apologise for posting that set list last night, I didn't know it was fake, it was found on discord, i just C & P it. I should've checked first and i didn't I was tired and

37 minutes ago, MildlyArtistic said:

Here's hoping they change the setlist, even though they won't.

Have fun, those of you who are attending!

As some have said, the setlist isn't that bad and they do make subtle changes when you look at the overall picture but I wish they would at least shake up the order a bit and make it a little less predictable.. 

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12 minutes ago, LandOla said:

I heard from a reliable source that no new songs will be played but Axl will be in a good mood and cracking jokes.

Is this the same source that told you about Matt Sorum playing with them?

If so i expect Axl to be in a shitty mood and new music will be played :)

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