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10/07/19 - Wichita, KS - INTRUST Bank Arena **Locomotive played for the first time since 1992**


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October 07, 2019

Wichita, KS

INTRUST Bank Arena

Countdown Timer: https://timeanddate.com/s/3zq3

It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Chinese Democracy
Welcome To The Jungle
Double Talkin' Jive
Live And Let Die
Rocket Queen
You Could Be Mine
Shadow Of Your Love
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory/Attitude
Civil War

Blues Jam/ Sweet Child O' Mine
Wichita lineman
November rain
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Paradise City


Guns N' Roses - Locomotive - Live At Wichita 2019 [Fransad] https://bittubers.com/post/732e872b-adc4-4160-bc55-a80f1d5ca89d

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Any other forum members going to this show? @History2010 do you drink beer? I’ll pound one with you somewhere in there... :lol:

I’ll shit a litter of kittens if they break out Locomotive for the first time in what, 26 years? Or Hard School for the first time ever. Wichita Lineman is gonna be special for me, (I hope they play it!), and I’m hoping the merch is a skully with a hard hat... me n @Whiskey Rose are getting pretty excited! End of this marathon tour and it feels like an exciting future to me!

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Just now, Fitha_whiskey said:

Yep, we are very happily married and having a lot of fun together. Congrats to you! Pretty wild how this reunion/ tour brought people together in ways you never expected. We wish you the best of luck! 👍


Can’t wait for the show tomorrow night!

Didn't know you had married 😳 that is awesome. Congrats.  ❤❤


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I think all the songs from the Alt list have everything to do with how Axl is feeling in the moment. 

Put HS aside and think of just Dead Horse and Locomotive: those songs are incredibly demanding on Axl, before you even worry about the rest of the band. 

So I feel like if/when Axl feels like he can do them justice, he'll bust them out. 

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On 10/6/2019 at 6:02 AM, BlueJean Baby said:

So are you two going to the show? Glad to know you are still together. ❤  You are not the only two mygnrforum members that started out as along distance romance. 😁  Since a few other people already know, guess I will spill the beans, @donny and I are also. ❤ We are currently working on plans for him to come visit me for a while from the UK.  ❤❤ life works in mysterious ways, but it is wonderful. 😁


I didn't know we had mygnr couples here too. That's so cool ♥️

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3 minutes ago, AxlRoseCDII said:

If they were dying to add Hard School or Locomotive to the set or even play them I’m sure we would’ve heard them by now. I wouldn’t get your hopes up at this point.

I don’t know, I think anything is possible with this band. You can also think that for the first few shows they were still warming up and then there were also the festivals, which are not the perfect setting to play new music or deep cuts, so now would be a great moment to do that.

Either way I always enjoy following the concerts, I think it’s fun and don’t get annoyed when they don’t do anything different even though I would love to see changes to the setlist!

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