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10/07/19 - Wichita, KS - INTRUST Bank Arena **Locomotive played for the first time since 1992**

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"I'm Not Sure That's The Best Way To Handle The Situation"  Yet another great title for a book about the history of GNR. 

Thanks to the lame ass security, Rick's going home!

So are you two going to the show? Glad to know you are still together. ❤  You are not the only two mygnrforum members that started out as along distance romance. 😁  Since a few other people already kn

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3 hours ago, Coma16 said:

Seems like it was handled pretty well. If what we were told is true, rick was given $10K-$15K from TB, he violated NDA, and continued to openly brag about it. I wish him the best and have nothing against him (in fact, I quite like Rick), but no one should be surprised that he got booted.


3 hours ago, axlrosefan4life said:

Currently enjoying the view of the venue from across the street. They have the cop In blue shirt keeping eyes on me. Venue refuses to refund me. 

What all did they say to you? They just found you randomly in line?

3 hours ago, Sydney Fan said:

Neither would i. This rick buys the cds, then buys VIP tickets, posted them on facebook when im sure TB know of his facebook page and wonders why hes been kicked out of the venue. If he had bought VIP tickets and not posted them know one would have neen none the wiser. But im sure as soon as TB recognised him in the VIP area he would have gotten thrown out anyway. His stupidity is what got him caught.

Yeah I think it've been better if he hadn't said anything at all, and hadn't openly said that he was at the show.

2 hours ago, Gibsonfender2323 said:

I really want them to find out Del found about the takedowns and didn't give a shit and looses his standing....

Meegan should tell Slash and see if he does anything.

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