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10/07/19 - Wichita, KS - INTRUST Bank Arena **Locomotive played for the first time since 1992**

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"I'm Not Sure That's The Best Way To Handle The Situation"  Yet another great title for a book about the history of GNR. 

Thanks to the lame ass security, Rick's going home!

So are you two going to the show? Glad to know you are still together. ❤  You are not the only two mygnrforum members that started out as along distance romance. 😁  Since a few other people already kn

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22 minutes ago, Voodoochild said:

As a journalist myself, I'd say this is pretty newsworthy. "GNR bans fan for life after leaks" is a pretty obvious headline.

Yup someone (you) needs to make sure the msm gets ahold of this one 👍🏻😁🍻

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Just now, StrangerInThisTown said:

That would show them who the mac daddy is lol.

My dream is still to get a front row ticket so that I can hold up a sign saying “hey Axl, I know you think you’re bad, but who’s the Mac daddy?”

sadly, they aren’t touring anywhere near me.

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On 9/29/2019 at 8:38 PM, Jacob66216 said:

Don’t wanna hear Wichita Lineman, but’s it’s obviously gonna happen specifically at this show lol

Wouldn't it be ironic if this is the one show they don't play WiSHITta Lineman?

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19 minutes ago, ChildOfTheMoon said:

Sure it is!

As I said, I don’t know the details as I was away when all this happened so maybe I’m missing something.

Axl is totally right to be furious, but just go after the guy legally. Making a public scene in front of the arena is not cool, it’s only giving him the attention he wants.

What are they going to do from now on, check all the names and keep track of Rick forever just to prove that they can?

GNR doesn’t have the best history with fans etc so why make everything even bigger?

Highly doubt Axl knows who he is by sight or what’s going on the day of the show. 

Management however? Definitely so and this screams of their involvement. They’re probably pissed how this blew up in their face. 

As far as lifetime bans? Just means he’ll be recognized in VIP areas or close to the stage/can’t buy through the fan club. I’m sure he can get into the building in the future in other ways.

No way they can enforce that across all avenues. They say those things to scare you. There a good chance he could buy off Stubhub tonight and walk through another ticket gate 

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2 minutes ago, ChildOfTheMoon said:

She was surprised about her videos being taken down, everyone was explaining to her what was going on, so she said she would check and get back to us.

Yeah. I saw that. So nothing else was said? Why did she take that down? Seriously, GNR and everything around it is just fucking strange.

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