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10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

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Am I the only one who has a decent bladder and doesn't need a bathroom break during the show or something? lol no way I am gonna go anywhere when GNFNR are on stage

"Coma is the bathroom break song for me"   that sentence means permanent ban, according to the rules

Ya think Lars was there, pen in hand ready to sign off on the Better video?? 😃

1 hour ago, rockphantom said:

What are the odds the show is called off? I'm out with a friend at a restaurant and the weather is terrible. Cold, wet, and drizzling. The worst possible weather for an outdoor show.

0.0 chance. The show must go on!

11 minutes ago, Antonio said:

Coma or Locomotive today ?

Oh god please Locomotive!!

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It , the weather, already passed here in the Houston area . It stormed a blinding rain storm  about 9:00 . It is cold now. A strong cool front moved in. If the stormy weather is around Austin now, it will move on. It is early still.  The storm should be gone  by ACL concerts. Have a good time.

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On 8.10.2019 at 7:49 AM, GNRfanJen said:

I can tell you right now, from personal experience, that won’t work. I had made a sign that I was proud of, brought it with me into the park, camped at the rail, and held it up for all of 3 seconds I think after ISE/Brownstone, before Gio (the same guy who cornered Rick today), literally came and took it from my hands, rolled it up, and put it down on the ground in front of me where I couldn’t reach it. I bet he felt so high and mighty taking away an innocent sign from a small girl in the front row. 

If you still want to try it then please be my guest, I’m just giving you my personal experience of what happened to me just a few days ago at the same festival. 

What did your sign say?

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10 minutes ago, Crowebar said:

How is that offensive? 😳🥴👎🏻

Not offensive sign but it could potentially block the view from people behind you (if I remember correctly, that was the "explanation" for taking signs down) 

7 minutes ago, lame ass security said:

Not as good as that sign in Honolulu that said "nut in me, Axl"😄

  Amazing that there haven't been any " Smash me Slash" signs at concerts... :lol:

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1 minute ago, DK6 said:

I'd be pretty pissed if i paid a shitload to be front row at a gnr concert and then spent the whole time looking at the back of a sign!

Why would anyone take a sign to a concert!?! :blink:

I seriously doubt anyone would hold the sign up the during the whole concert. Few short moments here and there wouldn't bother me, but obviously longer time would be an issue. 

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At the 2014 Guns N' Roses' concert here in São Paulo there was a guy holding a "Civil War" sign. Axl pointed it, talked something with Stinson and they began to play it. At the first chords, everyone was shouting "PUT IT DOWN" to the poor man LOL, if it wasn't him, we wouldn't get Civil War. 

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