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10/18/19 - Guadalajara, MX - Estadio Jalisco

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We have Axl and Slash playing togheter. They're playing the classics, Shadow of your Love, Coma, Locomotive!!!!! Axl is singing Slither come on! Yeah of course we want new music, izzy ( there was a ne

My girlfriend used to say the same thing.

MyGnR from 2014 would slap us all for complaining about this setlist 

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19 minutes ago, Amir said:

Thanks for the kind words :) my Spanish isn't great but I just overheard someone behind me who went to check out the front of the queue talking to his friends, and it seems like there are multiple queues trying to force way through a bottleneck.

NP Dude, i just wanna a great night 4 everyone who is there :). I live in São Paulo and never saw anything like that. It is a shame that a great city like GDL get things like that. 

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3 minutes ago, The Garden of Guns N Roses said:

This thread is about tonight's show, right ? ;)

Not until the show starts... this is akin to the drunken shite talked before the band comes on. It’s the build up banter....

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1 hour ago, BlueJean Baby said:

According to numerous tweets, lots of people still in queue to get in, they are telling people to sit even in the VIP area regardless of what their tickets are for.

Will be intetesting to see any complaints posted on gnrs facebook from fans who couldnt in on time due to lengthy ques.

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