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09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

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September 21, 2019

Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Palladium

- Early entry at 7:30 pm
- Doors at 8 pm
- Gn'R at 9 pm

Soundcheck: Hard School

Slash warmed up playing Locomotive [Video Below]

Countdown Timer: https://timeanddate.com/s/3ze5

It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Chinese Democracy
Welcome To The Jungle
Double Talkin' Jive
Live And Let Die
Rocket Queen
You Could Be Mine
Shadow Of Your Love
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory/Attitude
Civil War
Blues Jam/Sweet Child O' Mine
Wichita Lineman
Wish You Were Here
November Rain
Knockin' On Heavens Door
Paradise City
My Michelle
Out Ta Get Me
Dead Horse
Hard School
There Was A Time
Catcher In The Rye
So Fine
Benny & The Jets





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It's more like Disneyland. It costs a small fortune, and you get to see Mickey Mouse.

During the break; Slash released "Living The Dream", toured with it and got out a live dvd of the tour. Duff released "Tenderness" and did a mini tour. Axl got a haircut.

Yikes, this is why I don't come to the message boards anymore.  Too many people wallowing in their own misery and negativity.  The band was tight as fuck tonight and Axl was great 90% of the time. The

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2 hours ago, Tom-Ass said:

But 100% worth it in that size venue. 

The Palladium is a pretty big floor. It feels like a high school gymnasium, so while yes it is a smaller venue overall, if you are someone who got pit tickets for the arena shows it won't be THAT much different. The biggest pluses are being a little closer to the stage and the stage being smaller.

It will be cool, but the Wiltern or something in that nature would have been even cooler.

Anyhow, I am in the area and may or may not go. If tickets are truly 175, that will put them at over 200 after fees in which case, I will pass. Even if there is a new song or a couple different old songs switched in to the set, it will more than likely be the same old thing with Axl's voice probably being a little worse and the 5 times I saw it were enough. Realistically the first two times I saw it were enough but I wanted to go to London which added 2 shows and then I got excited they were playing the forum because it's a great venue.

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16 minutes ago, darklotus69 said:

i talked to a friend who has been to 2 of the past citi vault shows at the palladium Muse and metallica and he said both bands did not even play full sets between 11--15 songs each 

Yeah I was at the Metallica show the night of the Grammys they played 10 songs I believe .Opened  up with hardwired then all classics .it was pretty cool though I enjoyed it more then the rose bowl show for sure even though it was an abbreviated set 

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1 hour ago, Tom-Ass said:

If different means being a fat slob, that doesn't rehearse, sound like crap the majority of the show is rock n' roll then so be it...

I do think that most people care about his voice (which he did mentioned) more than anything, but he still is an entertainer who makes a ton of money from the fans.. Expecting him to be half way in shape for his performances isn't really out of line.. It certainly couldn't hurt his performance. He also mentioned Axl being in a good mood which isn't something out of line either... 

As a Guns fan I would rather come across articles and posts online where people are praying Axl for how good he sounds and looks for his age rather than seeing them say he looks like Benny Hill and Sounds like a dying cat...

P.S. Those hats and elf boots do look incredibly ridiculous. So aside from the "very long hair" thing, I don't see anything wrong with those wishes...

A fat slob? I’ve been at the front of every era since 2002 and never has this description been accurate. 

I like his shoes and hats.


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9 hours ago, allwaystired said:

I've heard tickets are $175.......not exactly 'pocket change'! 

Oh, I've paid $250 to see GNR the last time they played Dallas. I would love to go, but I don't live in LA. Damn it!

3 hours ago, kiwiguns said:

Never thought the day would come, when this forum became the JLo forum, when people became more concerned about appearance, given the fact Rock N Roll is all about being different and about being who you are. 

I'm so sick of body shaming. Bill Mahr just said some stupid about over weight people. Like he's so perfect.

We are all different looking and maybe if more people were nicer to others and offered helping others, it would be a better healthier world.


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3 hours ago, kiwiguns said:

Never thought the day would come, when this forum became the JLo forum, when people became more concerned about appearance, given the fact Rock N Roll is all about being different and about being who you are. 

That is funny. I have bern skirting around commenting. Axl is pushing 60. He is  not 27 to 30 anymore.

 The face , whatever was done was a mistake. Aside from that I think the stage costumes are fine. The pounds of stage jewelry, all of it works. Stage costumes need to show presence and his costumes hide, as we ladies say, a multitude  of sins.                                         Izzy, who won't be there at this short concert at home, is no longer Thin Izzy. He has that mid age man spread and he dresses in his real life so old.        Lol. Like man, you can   wear a tee shirt and nice jacket. Some Abercrombie looks, and not his Sears -JCPennys older men's dept style.    

39 minutes ago, Gibsonfender2323 said:

GNR songs are harder to sing so he has to save rasp for certain parts of the song. Rather have 2 hours.. If he sang rasp for 3 and half hours he would destroy his vocal chords. I like when Axl sings clean.

 AC/DC  is completly diffrent to gnr its just one style 

I think many fans like here might be  disappointed if  GnR makes a new cd. The songs cannot all be high in vocal range and that is what GnR is known for. The subject matter has to be different too. .For concerts, I agree he has to sing rasp only for fewer  parts of sone songs and even those songs are not like the recordings and shows of 30 years . No entertainers voice can do that at 60. Well, 57, 60. Same age. 

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3 hours ago, Legendador said:

If you guys could chose:

3 1/2 hours of music (28+ songs) with Mickey Mouse voice.


1 hour with full on rasp UYI Tour style?

To me, watching what he did with AC/DC, he choses to sing like that (MM) for longer shows.

Could we split the difference at two hours😉

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