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All of Axl's Collaborations / Duets

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Hearing the Going Down Version with Axl on backing vocals reminded me on how good Axl is at doing "Co-Vocals", he always adds a special touch to a duet. That made me wonder, how many (recorded) duets of Axl are there (apart from the UYI Songs where Izzy or Duff do lead vocals)?

Google gave me that list, where I knew most songs from. Plus I can think of the Axl / Steven Tyler live version of Mama kin.


Are there any other guest appearances you know of?

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1 hour ago, Kardeshma said:


Pretty cool, didn't know about that one!

And Wikipedia says it was released in '96, so it must have been the last recorded song by Axl and Slash together till this day.

They didn't record it together but separately without knowing the other would be there too. 

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His guest appearances from Wikipedia

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