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Me & My Elvis / Soul Monster Instrumental - **NO LINKS, NO ASKING / HINTING FOR LEAKS**

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If Axl laid down proper vocals/lyrics on these 3 instrumentals (Elvis, Quick Song, Zodiac) they are BIG GUNS. These are fucking badass. What a killer band. Axl said he laid down some of his meanest vo

Cant believe we have Soul Monster and it's another fucking awesome song Its a travesty there wasnt another album or two with these great songs  

The wha-wha guitar is totally Robin. The lead also sounds like Robin. I don't even think Paul Tobias plays anything in this one. I can't hear anything resembling Buckethead's tone and style. The

3 minutes ago, Gnrfan2001 said:

sounds like sabbath to me! :wow:

Axl described it that way, so that makes sense.

Too many instrumentals are leaking now. I might have to make a separate album for them now! Either that or have the first half of my chidem2 be all the songs with vocals and the second half be all the instrumentals or something!

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Just now, Gordon Comstock said:

This is the "angry chorus recorded on a christmas eve" song, right?

Axl: I think it's [our] most Black Sabbath moment. Sang it on a Christmas eve. Imo the meanest section of anything I've sung to date. Which having said that I'm sure when it's heard others may disagree but we felt it was a Christmas card of unadulterated venom so to speak. I felt a lot better afterward.

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