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Rough Mixes CD #1 Full Leak Discussion Thread **NO LINKS, NO ASKING / HINTING FOR LEAKS**

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and the award for the most stupid producer goes to:

Axl was right. Of course that motherfucker was right. One of the best songwriters of our generation couldn't be wrong about songs he worked so hard to release in 2000. I'm so mad at the producers who

3 minutes ago, sl4yer said:

His solo on TWAT is the best moment of the album and one of the best moments in history of GNR. Anybody who’s saying that album didn’t need him... God it’s like saying that Estranged or November Rain didn’t need Slash

This. Exactly this!

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SW could be so much better.... remove the 1-minute intro, put "bitch like you" back in, get rid of that ambient middle section. Rest of the album is stellar.

Cant believe how great this version of Atlas (and Perhaps) sounds! Cant wait to hear a Slashed up version!

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14 minutes ago, TheSeeker said:

The date of the disc is 10/8/01 - there were reports Buckethead got kind of fucked up by 9/11, so maybe he took a month off

Oh yeah good point! I forgot about that!

3 minutes ago, BangoSkank said:


Thanks so much for this - waiting very patiently for Rough Mix #2.

Are all of the individual songs that have leaked (Hardschool, Atlas Shrugged, Perhaps) selections from these? I only ask because those first leaks sounded more polished. 

Hardschool has to be at least, since it isn’t listed anywhere else.

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Just now, megaguns1982 said:

There must be a version of zodiac 13 with vocals somewhere, as rough mixes cd 2 has (no Vox) next to it..... that's something I'd like to hear someday.

If there is, it sounds like it didn’t make it onto these discs for whatever strange reason. :(

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