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Rough Mixes CD #1 Full Leak Discussion Thread **NO LINKS, NO ASKING / HINTING FOR LEAKS**

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and the award for the most stupid producer goes to:

Axl was right. Of course that motherfucker was right. One of the best songwriters of our generation couldn't be wrong about songs he worked so hard to release in 2000. I'm so mad at the producers who

23 hours ago, anchel2 said:

Could someone tell me what songs feature Buckethead on RM1, RM2, RM3, and RM4?

I'm trying to figure out the 99 Beavan produced album


In terms of which tracks don't have Bucket, definitely Oh My God and most likely all the stuff dated March 2000:

Me & My Elvis
D Tune
Curly Shuffle

Even though it's dated later in 2000, I don't think Bucket is on the Rough Mix CD 1 demo of TWAT? I could be wrong on that one. TWAT had been in the works since '99 at least since it has a Howerdel credit.


EDIT: Also, in terms of what Beavan worked on:

Sean Beavan – recording and digital editing (tracks 1, 4–6, 9, 11, 12 and 14)


So that's

The Blues/Street of Dreams
If the World

I wonder if Riad had a solo before Bucket played one? And if Madagascar had one at all?

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