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Your All Time Top 5 GNR songs incl. CD and leaks

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1: estranged 2: locomotive 3: breakdown 4: one in a million 5: rocket queen

Oh man this is way too hard and is always changing. Right now though it would look something like this. 1. There Was a Time (album version) 2. November Rain 3. Coma 4. Locomotive 

1. Welcome to the Jungle 2. Paradise City 3. Rocket Queen  4. Don't Damn Me 5. Civil War: Axl really nailed the lyrics to this. Note Sweet Child is up there as well. 

On 9/27/2019 at 7:24 AM, Creed said:

there are no hits on CD. I'm with Bob Ezrin. I would give CD another chance, if they would rerecord the whole thing with Izzy/Gilby and Matt/Adler + UYI production team/value. No fuckin Pitman or Melissa shit. Just the band, real orchestra, 2 background singers here and there.

There are ridiculous rumors that they rerecorded? Better and CD, which would be really weird, cause rerecording just a few songs is pointless.

1. Civil War


3. Don't Cry

4. November Rain


Shackler's Revenge is literally Mr. Brownstone but written by Buckethead and Robin Finck instead of Izzy and Slash. This I Love and There Was a Time are more oe less more raw versions of Estranged and November Rain. Sorry sounds like Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath just less psychedelic. If the World is just more experimental and less energetic Live and Let Die. So try again

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On 9/27/2019 at 8:04 AM, Creed said:

the fun fact is...if they would rerelease CD as triple album now, it would be the most interesting rock album in the last 10-15 years. 

i wouldnt say i'm stucked in the past. i just compare GnR and other stuff to the top notch productions of the past. we will never ever get an epic music video trilogy by GnR and other bands again. f.ex. 

Ask the Hip Hop fans what they are thinking about Hip Hop from 2007-2019. Except for Eminem, its a disaster. Good Rock and Hip Hop are dead.

Those people are also stuck in the past 😂😂 great example. Run the Jewels? Kendrick Lamar?

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2 minutes ago, djones1225 said:

Heres mine:

1. Paradise City

2. Rocket Queen

3. Nightrain

4. You Could be Mine

5. Estranged (The leading up to the last solo & the last solo is the most beautiful solo that Slash has ever done in my opinion)

I look at the lineups with Slash n Duff compared to the CD era like I do with AC/DC with Bon or Brian, they have brought out good material but they got 2 different sounds. So heres mine for CD.

1. Better

2. There Was a Time

3. Catcher in the Rye (Brian May Version)

4. I.R.S. (Demo Version)

5. Hardschool

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1) Sweet Child O' Mine

2) Estranged

3) Patience

4) November Rain

5) Rocket Queen

Ask me tomorrow and three of these can easily be replaced with others, such as Knockin on Heaven's Door, Nightrain, Civil War, Don't Cry......on and on.

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these could change at any given period of times but right now off the top of my head.

1) November Rain (The solos made me want to become guitarist which happened)

2) Breakdown (I just love this song)

3) Estranged (lead licks rule)

4) My Michelle (the intro alone and energy)

5) Better (should’ve made the nu Gn’R millions)

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