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P.R.L. - Full Leak Discussion Thread **NO LINKS, NO ASKING / HINTING FOR LEAKS**

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Axl quote on the second album from 1999 for perspective:




Loder: How's your guitar playing coming along now?

Rose: It's all right. I just wanted to be good enough to be able to contribute what was needed to this main album. It took working on the majority of these things and at least the couple albums' [worth] of material to figure out what should be on the first official Guns album. I wouldn't say it's like, you know, that we recorded a double album, or that we have all of our scraps to be the second one. There is a distinct difference in sound. The second leans probably a little more to aggressive electronica with full guitars, where the first one is definitely more guitar-based.


The guitars obviously hadn't been added to P.R.L. yet, but yeah this is way more "aggressive electronica" than anything on the first album

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17 minutes ago, The Glow Inc. said:

Sounds like something by the Crystal Method or a song off the Matris O.S.T


Definitely thought of The Matrix OST as soon as it started playing.

I'm listening with crappy headphones provided for free by a bus company on my way to Oaxaca, but I'm still digging it. Can see this kicking ass with guitars and vocals.

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It’s cool to hear maybe once or twice and I appreciate whoever’s leaking these but I do have to say, it’s a bit of bummer to hear these without vocals or even guitars. Still of course interesting.

Kind of eh on this one. I’d have to see what Axl could do with it before truly judging it.

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