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Rough Mixes CD #2 Full Leak Discussion Thread **NO LINKS, NO ASKING / HINTING FOR LEAKS**

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3 minutes ago, megaguns1982 said:

So nothing noteworthy then?

Define "noteworthy". No tracks with new vocals, but an early version of ITW with vocals, the best sounding version of QS with scratch vocals, and some killer instrumentals. It's one of the best discs of the batch IMO. 

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Oh, hi, our friends, did you think we forgot? A hundred and ninety-two hours, it wasn't for naught. We told you eight days for specific reasons. Now your patience is awarded by more aural teasin

This disc is basically a lost Buckethead album.... AND I FUCKING LOVE IT! 

Just leave it in a locker for a bit while you figure things out. No harm could come of that

Still digesting.  Shocked how much of 2008 CD was in the can by 2000 and 2001. Also weird to hear 2001 ITW with close to the same vocal track as the 2008 version. 

The guitar on I’m Sorry is nasty good. 

Still, it’s a bummer Axl had to burn the house down for this.  Glad we finally got it at least. 

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So this is the impression I get...so far....all the leaks have amounted to is.......scrapped instrumental material that should have been on a Buckethead solo album......About 5 songs with vocals that Axl didn't like for Chinese Democracy....nothing so far that fits the musical style of Slash or Duff....guess this means NITL will resume until 2024, and the band might take a break to work on new album material together then. 

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45 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

Sean Beavan is credited on If The World, and all the songs on CD Beavan is credited on have vocals recorded during his time, as he said. So it was expected that IFTW had vocals.

If you've read ChiDem Whispers it would have been obvious vocals were on ITW considering it was one of the earliest tracks from the sessions 

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okay. what the fuck is going on around here. I haven't been around in a minute, so does someone mind shooting me a pm and giving me a quick timeline of what has happened in idk the last 6 months?! I can't remember the last time the top three threads on here were leak threads... 

(no but it would be seriously appreciated if someone could catch me up) 

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