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Better song: Coma or Locomotive

Better song: Coma or Locomotive  

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Coma for me. I love that it's a regular in the set list now. It's the one song I really, really want to experience live. Love the lyrics, love the stucture, love the guitars. The Houston 2016 version was especially great.

I do like Locomotive, though, but yeah, Coma all the way for me.

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I like Axl more on Coma and I love especially the outro of that song but the outro of Locomotive is one of the best kinds of music in r'n'r-history ever written. Period. I mean... the interplay of those Drums, the PIANO, THAT GUITAR is just so mesmerizing. Even Axl's weird "Love's so strange" fits perfectly. I get goosebumps everytime when it starts and it's one of those peaces of music that could go on forever. 

Coma is great but it suffers a bit from those "special effects" and these noises.

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On 10/16/2019 at 6:25 AM, Tio Didi said:

So, this Locomotive/Coma seems like a November Rain/Estranged thing. I'm always like "no doubt Estranged is a way better song". Than I listen to November Rain's epic outro and I have second thoughts.

Anyway, Locomotive here.

Go back to 2001-2010 and ask which song do you want included in the set the most estranged, coma or locomotive? 80-90% wanted Estranged. Bumblefoot even joked that the fans would constantly badger him beg him to get the band to play estranged. Then they finally played it and now it’s just another song in the set. 

Same with Coma and now Locomotive is the shiny new toy. I love all 3 songs. 

That’s it for me. The songs I’ve dreamt of  hearing/seeing live have all been played. Only Don’t Damn me left but I’m ok knowing it will never happen lol 

To me Coma > Locomotive . Axls vocal performance and lyrics throughout the song is top notch. The pummeling bass and drums which was brought up earlier and of course Slash and that solo & outro.

Locomotive is structured amazingly well. Very creative how it flows around that main  groove. And how the bass, drums and guitars lock-in in sync like no other

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