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2 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

Ultimately the biggest reason is that there's just no way to make it airtight. Try as we may, there's just absolutely no way to weed out every alt for the two people causing all of these problems. 

In the end, it's looking like out best option is to leave the board as is, asking users to not post YouTube links that aren't from official sources. Then we'll have to deal with issues as they arise when the tour kicks back up. 

I realize it would be hard to keep out all the alt accounts, but it seems like it would be worth trying. Nobody said it would be easy for the mods, but it would be hugely beneficial to the site overall and would be appreciated by most users.

This is a good community for a number of reasons and it'd be unfortunate to see it dwindle and die because people can't post links or share videos that are relevant to the reason we're all here (GNR). The show threads from the last leg of the tour are a clear indicator of the frustration and shrinking interest, and banning all 'unofficial' videos will only continue to push people to other sites.

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This policy has been in place for years.  ------------------------------------------------ I want to thank everyone for their participation in this thread and eagerness to find a solution.  

Whilst I understand the sentiment, loads of people will miss out - lots of good people. I am not a trouble maker but just because I likely have less than 2k posts people like me would miss out on some

I like you but frankly, this is unacceptable. No one cares about that stuff. Please minimize response time to 30 seconds tops.

It's bullshit that we even have to talk about taking the fan base underground.  How dare we want to see live videos from the band or get a peak at something that even remotely resembles new or unheard music.  The band is completely dysfunctional from a fan standpoint, and were it not for the strength of AFD, no would give a shit anymore because of how the band, or at least how Axl acts. But with the success of the tour, this is only going to get worse.  

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I'd be screwed for sure.   I visit damn near every day... though I rarely post.   I do enjoy this place, I'm just a fairly quiet dude.   Unless I REALLY have something to add. 

I understand yall have to do what yall have to do.   But since I have such a low post count, I wouldn't be relevant. 


Perhaps though, I could randomly post 3,000 or so useless comments.....hmmmm

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