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The "New Album" Thread - Susan McKagan says album is coming

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I like the idea of being on my death bed, saying "just refresh that page one more time for me....I'm pretty sure that insider was full of shit, but I want to be totally sure....." 

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54 minutes ago, ShadowOfTheWave said:

They will not release until they are able to tour, so 2021/2022. I'm not particularly enthusiastic about Slash writing new stuff, but his new Hardschool intro was a million times better than the original, so maybe writing backwards (lyrics/vocal melodies first, music second) is bringing his creative side back.

True, I forgot that detail.  I agree, I suppose Axl still has a lot of new material from the Chinese Democracy era and Slash's work on his music was impeccable.  Is to wait and see

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Don't listen to the haters, OP. Axl is DEFINITELY putting out a new album within the next 6 months! The only reason he hasn't since 2008 is because of line up changes, then they had to promote Chinese, then of course there were management changes, then the label gave them some grief, after that they had to promote their live BluRay promoting Chinese 6 years after Chinese, of course then Axl had to put his focus on his various Taco Bell franchises, then DJ left and you can't release an album without him, then the reunion happened almost 5 years ago so of course they are still getting to know each other again and testing things on the road, and of course they were still ready but then the pandemic came, so NOW they surely will! I do hear the Loch Ness Monster might be scientifically proven soon, too...


Oh, and welcome! :lol:

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I think he's just trying to save us the embarrassment of the New Album thread having too many pages (over 250 now) without any new album on the horizon, so he started a new one. Once we have 10 of these, the record's out! 

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7 hours ago, ZoSoRose said:

Honestly, I just don't see them doing an album. Axl clearly doesn't have much of an interest in putting out new music and now that they have 3/5ths of the originals back together, they know they can keep on touring big venues a-la the Stones and Aerosmith until they have to pack it up. Crowds won't diminish at this point because of a lack of music. That is just the truth, the crowds show up to drink and hear SCOM.

A new record would be fantastic for us, but it would be the same as any other legacy rock act record nowadays. One or two "hits" that get a lot of radio play on your local rock station and maybe a commercial (and then after a year tops you won't hear it again unless you play it) and then a tour to match. Are you going to hear "Chinese Democracy", "The Day That Never Comes", "Hardwired", "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)", "Tattoo", "Rock or Bust", "Rock N Roll Train", "God is Dead?", "Legendary Child", "Louder Than Words", etc, or even a newer song like Ozzy's "Under the Graveyard" on any radio station now? No way. Most people aren't going to go "I like that new GNR song, I'll go see them!" Sure, a few might, but not thousands per show that would make up a big part of the venue. The most significant traction I saw with a legacy band's "new" song was hearing "Doom and Gloom" in Avengers Endgame, but even that is more of a nod than anything. It pains me to say but if Zeppelin even got back together and did an album (lol), the same thing would happen to the record itself. The hypothetical, non existent, multi bazillion dollar reunion tour's purpose, regardless of how good the new material was, would be so people can say they saw Led Zeppelin. These bands' primes and ability to put a stamp on pop culture are long gone.

It's been 12 years since Axl put out an album, let alone one song. Before that, it was like 16 years before albums with original material with one song in between. He has had ample time to release something, and there have always been excuses why the time wasnt right and how it'll be different later-  "they have to properly promote Chinese", "they have to finish THIS tour leg first!", or to the current day's "they just got back together, then they will do new music!"

We are going on almost half a decade (God damn, wtf) since they got back together. If Axl wanted to put something out, it would have happened by now. The reunion isn't new anymore, it's lasted around the time it took from AfD- UYI and more than some bands have even lasted. 

I got a good fix out of them, I can say I saw them a few times and had a lot of fun in 2016. If Axl sucks now and if they don't put out new music, too bad, but it's whatever at this point. If Axl is going to do the nostalgia thing at least he got a semi authentic band to do it with. Of course I want an album, and think it's a waste Axl won't do it, but he probably just doesn't care without the incentive.

I feel the same way.

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Yes, definitely.  I believe the album is scheduled to be released on 9 October 2020.

Oh, you mean Guns N' Roses and not Brothers Osborne.  I don't know.


Playing Rock in Rio and dates in Vegas didn't indicate the album was ready;

Playing the VMAs and doing the first North American tour in almost ten years didn't indicate the album was ready;

A highly successful North American tour, new manager working hard to release the album, and boat loads of positive energy didn't indicate the album was ready.


A Dr. Pepper online ad campaign did indicate the album was ready.  In that spirit, if a cure for the Rona' is distributed before the end of a year - GNR will release the album (sarcastic but maybe not).  

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5 hours ago, jpgulde said:

Do you guys think that they will release the new album this year or in the next? And if they´re recording and developing new and old songs at home (because of the quarentine), is it gonna be a good album? I mean, i don´t trust very much in slash and duff composition

Yes, I believe we will get a new album next year. Yes, I believe it will be great.

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You know, it's hard to release a album these days. People don't buy physical copies anymore... the whole industry has changed... nearly impossible to put out music these days. And now with corona, just forget it

PS: don't tell Slash that some big acts released new music during the pandemic, not sure if he can cope with it. one must not upset old n satiated people

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If the pandemic is under control by summer 2021 i guess the album will be out and coincide with the festivals and other tour dates.


If they are able to tour 2021 and dont get the album out within the year, its never going to happen 

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Perhaps would have been an ideal single for this band, let Slash do his own take and solos (We already have the May version so thats ok) - This song is pretty similar to what they did on UYI and will also draw casuals back because of the extremely good melody and have a good chance of gaining some serious (rock) airplay.

Maybe they bring Elton John in to play the piano part, this will gain more exposure and cross-over appeal. Like Ozzy did with Ordinary man

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