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The "New Album" Thread - Susan McKagan says album is coming

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2 hours ago, DTJ80 said:

Crikey - I’ve never heard/seen that advert?! Why oh why choose THAT vocal part...😖

Thankfully I only saw that one once, there was another ad with like a travel through time theme, kinda poking fun at how long it took to make but I’m sure that had CD playing in it not Scraped 😄

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Axl is close to 60 Reunion is now over 4 years old The last unheard new song was played in 2006 The last studio album was in 2008 The last new song before that in 1999 Every s

Grandma's hamster has never been in safer hands.

Might as well bust this out again:

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4 hours ago, MillionsOfSpiders said:

I remember seeing an advert on TV which had the beginning vocal of Scraped at the start of it and a shadow figure snake dancing and some voiceover crap about the wait being over blah blah - only saw it once. Was horrified they picked that vocal part :lol:

I heard Chinese Democracy played on Radio One a couple of times and that’s it.

Haha I had the video files of all those TV spots, probably still have them somewhere. They had one or two from a handful of songs. Overall production quality was low to moderate. 

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When AFD was relaunched a few years back someone texted me saying a new GN'R album was announced. Imagine my disappointment when I found out they mistakenly thought the AFD deluxe release was a new album...

It's sort of like people saying OMG OMG GN'R has a new song! (And it's Shadow of Your Love they are referring to)

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6 hours ago, Tom2112 said:

Oh I know there's the rose tinted glasses idea of 2006 looking back because the band and Axl sounded great! but what I mean is that they were going around playing big shows and and for the most part people were leaving satisfied. I know I left that show in 2006 and thought, god damn when are they releasing their new album so I can see this again!! I was about 15 or 16 at the time! 

 I had missed the  opportunity to see Axl at MSG in 2002. When he came  to NYC, we had a massive snowstorm. My friend and I couldn't make it as a result even though we had tickets for the show. Since I missed the show in 2002, I went to the 2006 show  at Hammerstein just to see Axl. I wasn't sure if Axl would come back to the area.  I didn't like that Slash  and Duff were  no longer in the band.  I also didn't really care much for the other members. With that being said, at least the band looked a lot better than the freak show of 2002. 

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32 minutes ago, StayofExecution2020 said:

People realize we're heading into the end of the year without one single word or hint regarding music? And since there won't be a tour in 2021 we can all guess what next year will look like.

2021 will already be set aside for UYI so I can't see any concrete announcement of new music until 2022. And even then Axl will probably still find a way to push it into 2023 for the actual release date.

Nothing is happening soon.

15 years after TSI we got Chinese in 2008.

15 years after Chinese will we get the follow up in 2023??

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12 hours ago, ThePreacher said:

Page 256. 

Ozzy Osbourne has hit the studio with Andrew again. Will Duff be there too?


I mean Axl, come on! 

It seems Duff won't be here this time, if you look at the video Watt posted on IG, it's Rob Trujillo on bass (that would be his first time on Ozzy record since '01).

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1 hour ago, 2020_Intensions said:

Ozzy's dying & still managing to release & create new music ... This is beyond sad 

I said it before... either you are a thoroughbred musican, than you release music, no matter what, or you are not.

The bad thing with this reunion is it slows down Slash's musical output.

3 hours ago, UseYourDemocracyIII said:

I like popping in every 10 pages or so to see how much nothing has been released :lol: Why did I choose this band

They were the best, once. ;)

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I also believe the first one is ready to go. But Fernando/Axl thinks it's unrespectful for the MONEY to release it now. You know, Duff mentioned that peope can't go to the record store. Yet, they can go and buy or order reharsed vinyl-version of that shitty "Greatest Hits" mess.

Mark my words. New AC/DC-album before the end of the year. What Guns N' Roses fans will get:

1.Answer to that lame "Guess what song"-update. This comes before christmas

2.One new "NITL-selects"

3.What would you want to see in "NITL-SELECTS" in spring 2021? -update

4.Christmas puzzle where Slash is wrong handed, again.

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34 minutes ago, axlvai said:

Im totally sure the new album is done. I mean ready to go. Now is on the Motherfucker's hands.

I'm totally sure the album doesn't even exist. I mean it's still at the 'jamming' stage. Now is when every other musical act are releasing albums. 

I'd fucking love to be wrong though. 

1 minute ago, allwaystired said:



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